Your Spot Target

A unique product developed and designed to make Wi-Fi work for you! YourSpot offers a solution to turn your Wi-Fi expense into an opportunity.

A Wi-Fi facility for your clients / employees / guests is an essential service that cannot be seen as a “nice to have” but a “must have”.

Imagine schools and university campus. Lots of students that need and want to connect and obtain information, study, entertain themselves, chat and share content. Great opportunity to manage with hotspot manager.
Buildings and offices that have to be constantly connected to send and receive files and communications for the citizen. It's necessary to guarantee the highest level of performance and YourSpot will be the right choice
Cities and towns are ready to house the shared network experience. No more boundaries for citizen and visitors, they will be able to join the service and stay tuned in with the local community. Public places with high people turn over like stations, airports, squares and streets will be linked in order to offer a stable Wi-Fi opportunity. Nothing better than YourSpot hotspot to reach this aim.
It's important to provide a great service. Guests need to connect and surf the net everywhere. Accommodation facilities like hotels and resorts, camping and beach properties can increase the value of their offer through a valuable hotspot network management and we are sure that YourSpot will satisfy their expectations.

User Management

You have full control over the users connecting to your Wi-Fi by managing the parameters of the access given to users.

With YourSpot, policies and rules can be created to throttle and/or cap users on a combination of time, data, bandwidth and location.

Owner and Customer Value

With the YourSpot platform the owner has the ability to manage sites related to the parameters and growth. All available as a cloud service.

With YourSpot’s unique combination of features, create value for customer logging onto the Wi-Fi with “out of the box” or custom applications.

Information, Weather and “around me” applications are built in as standard on YourSpot giving your users info not only related to the Wi-Fi but their immediate surroundings.

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Cloud Services
Custom Product
Pay as you grow

Reporting and Analytics

YourSpot’s comes with a complete analytical dashboard, displaying a multitude of information sets including user data, Revenue streams, advertising statistics and usage per site.

Users also have their own dashboard to track their usage on the Wi-Fi.

Make a profit with YourSpot

With YourSpot’s unique advertising features, you have the ability to open Your Wi-Fi to 3rd party advertiser, Generating revenue on a pay per click or pay per view basis.
Hotspot Billing System
YourSpot’s certified Wi-Fi billing system allows you to manage access to your Wi-Fi through various methods;

• Physical Vouchers
• Online vouchers (Payment Gateway)
• Subscription Users

A multitude of marketing opportunities are available.

Capture user details on Captive portal for immediate and future marketing communications. This can be email addresses, cell phone numbers, age etc.

Visual advertising comes in the form of either banner ads or video adds on the Captive portal.

Gain likes and followers on Facebook, Google+, Twitter by giving users the opportunity to login via social media.