Wi-Fi in a box

For those how want to run a Hotspot on a street corner, Spaza or at home

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How it works

Solar powered Wi-Fi in a box Solution that will enable entrepreneurs to run a micro business as a standalone business or supplementary revenue stream

Wifi in a box all inclusive
Month to Month


The box all-inclusive costs

R 8999
(with Solar)

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What is Wi-Fi in a box?
A Wi-Fi business that requires no cables and no power.
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How big the Wi-Fi in a box solution?
It’s the size of an average shoe box
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What is included in the Wi-Fi in a box solution?
A solar panel
A Lithium ion battery pack
A Router
GPS and LTE antennas
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What does it cost?
The box all-inclusive costs R 8999 with Solar
The box all-inclusive costs R 4999 without solar
Monthly costs are R 800
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What is the Configuration of the box?
The box is configured to give user 30 Mins/100mb free data daily
The operator has uncapped Wi-Fi
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What are the revenue streams?
Operators (Box owners) sell data to customers, Data rates are around 75% Cheaper than Mobile operators
Operators are incentivised to attract users that only make use of the free portion and receive a fee per 1000 connections

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